School of Business

The school currently has 56 faculty members, among whom 8 are professors, 5 are doctorate degree holders. The school has a postgraduate education base of Rural and Regional Development, one provincial demonstration base of university-enterprise cooperative education, one provincial innovative-ability training center for undergraduates of business administration, one provincial demonstration base for tourism training, and 26 off-campus talents training bases. The faculty has taken over 32 provincial or above levels of projects, and more than 50 cooperative projects with enterprises or authorized by the local government. The employment rate of graduates stabilizes at 95% and above.

Undergraduate programs: Marketing, Human Resource Management, Tourism Management, E-commerce, Financial Management, and Logistics Management

Main required courses for undergraduate programs:

Marketing: Management, Micro-Economics, Macro-Economics, Statistics, Accounting, Financial Management, Marketing, Economic Law, Consumer Behavior, International Marketing, Market Research, Fundamental Accounting, Marketing Planning, Human Resources Management, Market Investigation and Prediction, Modern Selling Techniques; Management Information System, Organizational Behavior, Marketing Innovation, Business Negotiation, Distribution Channel Management, Advertising Theory and Practice, Public Relations, Advertising Communication and Marketing Management, etc.

Human Resources Management (HRM): Western Economics, Modern Management, Organizational Behavior, Management Information System, Labor Economics, Human Resources Planning, Work Analysis, Employee Relation Management, Measurement and Assessment of Personal Quality, Staff Recruitment, Training and Development, Performance Management, Salary Management, etc.

Tourism Management (Tourism resorts and Travel Agency Management / Hotel management):Micro-Economics, Macro-Economics, Principles of management, Introduction to Tourism, Economics of Tourism, Chinese Tourism Geography, Tourist Psychology, Elementary Accounting, Tourism Enterprise Financial Management, Tourism Etiquette and Public Relations, Tourism Marketing, An Introduction to The Hotel Management, Tour Guide’s Expertise, Travel Agency Management, Restaurant Management, Tourist Policies and Regulations, Tourism Planning and Development, etc.

E-Commerce: Introduction to E-commerce, Java advanced Programming, E-commerce Logistics Management, E-commerce Website Design and Webpage Making, Graph and Image Processing, Network Database and Its Application, Computers Networks, Web Programming, E-Marketing, E-payment and Network Security, Enterprise Resource Planning, etc.

Financial Management: Political Economy, Principles of Management, Micro-Economics, Macro-Economics, Management Information System, Principle of Statistics, Principle of Accounting, Money and Banking, Marketing, Economic Law, Tax Law, Financial Analysis, Finance, Accounting Computerization, Science of Securities Investment, Financial Accounting, Business Accounting, Management Accounting, Cost Accounting, Budget Accounting, Auditing, International Financial Management, Capital Management, Finances, Accounting of Financial Institution, Options and Futures Investment Analysis, Financial Institutions Management, etc.

Logistics Management: Management, Economics, Statistics, Accounting, Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Managerial Operations Research, Purchasing Management, Transportation Management, Market Research and Prediction, Foreign Business English, Warehousing and Distribution Management, Logistics Facility and Equipment, Logistics Information Technology, Logistics Cost Management, Third-Party Logistics, Cold-chain Logistics, Bonded Logistics, International Logistics, Logistics Project Planning and Implement, Logistics Information System Management, Logistics system Planning and Design, etc.

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