University Held An International Exchange and Education Lecture


Recently, HUHST and the Bath Spa University jointly held anonline and offlineinternational exchange and education lecturemainly for students who are interested in international exchange. The lecture has two topics "Pursuing a New Era, Striving for the Future" and "Entering the University of Bath Spa"delivered respectively by Huang Min, director of the International Office of HUHST, Wang Guangsheng and Liu Wei, directors of the China’s Office of the Bath SpaUniversity . Chen Zhiguo, member of the Party Committee and Vice President of HUHST, Liu Hui, Secretary of the Party General Branch of the BusinessSchool, Wang Xiaojun, associatedeanof the Business School, Hu Yilong, deputy secretary of the Party General Branch of the Business School, Deng Lili, deputy secretary of the Party General Branch of the Music and DanceSchool, and representatives of teachers from relevant schools attended the lecture.  

Liu Hui said that since the launch of the "14th Five-Year Plan" and the "Open School" project, the degree of internationalization of education has been continuously improved, students' international vision has been continuously broadened. He hoped that through this lecture, students could become talents in the new era learning more about international rules andparticipating in international affairs.  

Wang Guangsheng appreciated HUHST for the support to the University of Bath Spa. He said that HUHST attaches great importance to and supports the multi-skill training of students' all-round development and future development of students. As both the two sideshave many successful experiences and practices in the fields of preschool education cooperation and education, Wang hoped that the two sides would take this opportunity to have full educational exchanges and further promote the in-depth cooperation between the two universities.  

In the lecture session, Huang Min used the keywords of General Secretary Xi Jinping's report at the 20th National Congress,highlighted the importance of the party and the state to promoting high-level opening up and the cultivation of international talents, introduced to students the various measures of international talent training in our university from five aspects, such as entering the new era, future choices, and seniors, and used a large number of case data to vividly and in detail analyze the importance of international cooperation and exchanges to students, providing new ways for students' future development.  

Liu Wei introduced Bath, a beautiful world cultural heritage city, the festival capital, and the University of Bath Spa, leading students to understand British culture, and increasing their knowledge and broadening their further education pathways.  

Chen Zhiguo pointed out that this year remarks the seventh year of in-depth cooperation between HUHST and the University of Bath Spa.In the past seven years, our university has been adhering to the "student-centered, output-oriented" training concept, with the joint efforts of the two sides, cultivated a large number of outstanding graduates, our international cooperation projects have not only blossomed, but also borne fruit. He said that HUHST will continue to build more platforms and provide more opportunities for students' further studies and employment. He hopes that in the future the two sides can cooperate in more fields, continue to promote the "Open University" project, and promote the construction of "Double First-class" Hunan Provincial high-level applied characteristic universities.  

(edited by International Office)