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Noticeon Applying for the 2021 CSC Government-Sponsored Study-Abroad Program
2021-01-18 11:54  


Information forthe 2021 CSC Government-Sponsored Study-Abroad Program has been Facultyqualified can prepare for the application documents and submit the applicationvia CSC online application system within the allotted time.

Details of theprogram are as follows:

I. NationalGovernment-sponsored Senior Research Scholar, Visiting Scholar, PostdoctoralProgram:

 Applicationperiod: 10 April to 30 April, 2021


 1. Details areshown in Article 3, Selection Plan of 2021 National Government-sponsoredSenior Research Scholar, Visiting Scholar, Postdoctoral

  2.Applicants for visiting scholars should be under the age of 50 (born afterJanuary 1, 1970) and should have at least 5 years of working experience aftergraduation from a bachelor's degree and at least 2 years of working experienceafter graduation from a master's degree. There is no special requirement forPhD applicants in terms of working experience.

  3. Invitationletters from foreign universities or research institutions must be submittedwhen applying. Invitation letter must specify the applicant's full name,identity, visiting time and other details (see email screenshot is invalid. The resume of the foreign tutor should besigned by the tutor.

  4. Theforeign language proficiency should meet the requirements of the foreignlanguage for studying abroad sponsored by China Scholarship Fund and thelanguage requirements of the country or institution to be studied in.

  Pleaserefer to the official website of China Scholarship Council for applicationprocedures and documents:

II. Local Cooperation Program    

 Applicationperiod: 1 May to 15 May, 2021

 Applicant requirement: same as above

Please refer to the official website of China Scholarship Councilfor application procedures and documents:                                  

III. Deadline

 Applicants of National Government-sponsored Senior ResearchScholar, Visiting Scholar, Postdoctoral Program shall submit through CSC onlinesystem and send the hard copies of all the application documents toInternational Office before 26 April, while applicants of Local Cooperation Programbefore 11 May.


International Office

18 Jan., 2021

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