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Notice about the recommendation of senior professionalpost title judge committee (including experimental technique) for university teachers
2019-08-26 08:47  

ToAll Units of HUHST

Accordingto the notice from Hunan Provincial Department of Human Resources and SocialSecurity about the Recommendation of Title Judge Committee of Senior ProfessionalPost and notice about the Recommendation of Judges for Senior Titles of Primaryand Secondary School Teachers, in order to cooperate with the provincialcolleges and universities teachers (including experimental technology) seriesof senior title assessment database construction, the relevant work notice isas follows. Please refer to the attachment for details.

Pleaseparticipate actively in the work of recommendation and send the paper form ofsenior professional title judge committee members to office 312 of MingdeBuilding and the electronic copy to beforenoon of September 6.

HunanResources Office of HUHST

August25, 2019


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