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HUHST awarded title of advanced unit for pre-employment training management of university teachers in Hunan Province
2019-11-06 08:59  

Pre-employment examination work conference for college teachers and pre-employment trainingwork commendation conference was held on November 1 in Changsha. Wang Yuqing, deputy director of Hunan Provincial Department of Education, Qiu De, Directorof teacher work and pedagogical education, Wang Shanping, Vice President of Hunan Normal University and director of higher normal training center presentthe conference.

At the conference, HUHST was awarded the title of advanced institution for pre-employment trainingmanagement of teachers in colleges and universities. Mao Yongning, deputydirector of teacher development center of HUHST was awarded the title of advancedmanagement workers of college teachers’ pre-employment training.  ChenWang, Chen Yang and Li Yicheng were conferred the title of outstanding studentsof pre-employment training. The pass rate of HUHST teachers taking theexamination is 88.5%, 11% above the average level of Hunan Province.

Since the founding of Teacher’s Development Center of HUHST, innovation has been constantlymade in pre-employment training of teachers to improve training quality. Traditionalteaching method has been transferred into the combination of lecture and discussion,excellent teachers’ demonstration and interaction for the forging of pre-jobtraining “golden course”, which has substantial effect on improving newteachers’ teaching ability.Article from the Office of Personnel Management


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